New Zealand’s downfall in Tests a grave concern admits, Richard Hadlee | Khelnama

New Zealand’s downfall in Tests a grave concern admits, Richard Hadlee

New Zealand’s downfall in Tests a grave concern admits, Richard Hadlee

by Abhishek Baadkar | Cricket | 19th Aug 2013

BANGALORE, August 19: Sir Richard Hadlee believes cricket in New Zealand will financially gain if countries will tour Down Under for a series regularly.

The former New Zealand all-rounder, who was in the city for the Karnataka State Cricket Association Platinum Jubilee Celebration said, “We just don’t have the money.

“If countries aren’t going to come to our country and play what is required, then it’s reducing the sponsorship dollars and money from TV rights that come into New Zealand cricket,” remarked Hadlee.

Since last few years the financial constraint of New Zealand Cricket has weakened. Recently, former Black Caps batsman Matthew Sinclair announced his retirement and was also reported he would apply for unemployment benefits scheme.

“The problem with Sinclair was that he didn’t have a national contract. He had a provincial contract and unless you are a top-rated player in the 12 or 13 that they have on that list, then the dollars you get lessen accordingly.

“He felt that for the six months commitment that he put into cricket, the payment was not sufficient for his family.”

Hadlee believes stringent rules and strict action must be taken against players who are involved in the match-fixing. “The young players that are being brought into it are seeing an opportunity to pick up some quick, cheap money to bowl a wide or noball.

“Penalties must be severe. The most severe penalty that can happen even more than going to jail is to have your record erased from the game. Then players are going to think twice before they get involved in something like this.

Hadlee is highly concerned with New Zealand’s downfall in Test cricket. “We perform well in ODI, T20 cricket. Our Test cricket is of great concern now.

“What doesn’t help us is when we travel overseas to play Test series. We invariably get a one-off Test match or two-match Test series.

“When we play in New Zealand we can generally schedule three Test matches. But India wants to play just two this time and that’s disappointing,” added the 62-year-old former New Zealand Test cricketer.

India’s tour to New Zealand in February-March next year is likely to be trimmed. With the Asia Cup to begin end of February, the Dhoni-led side were supposed to play Tests, five one-dayers and one T20 in February and March next year.

India are concentrating more on the Asia Cup, which begins in late February. The BCCI wants the series to be trimmed to two Tests, two ODIs and two T20 Internationals, reported CMC