ICC President Threatens To Expose

DUBAI: Miffed over the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) decision to keep him out of the awards distribution ceremony of the World Cup 2015, ICC president Mustafa Kamal has threatened to reveal “mischievous things” that he claims are taking place at the governing body. It was ICC chairman N Srinivasan, who handed the World Cup trophy to Australian skipper Michael Clarke with tournament Brand Ambassador Sachin Tendulkar, ICC CEO Dave Richardson and Cricket Australia supremo Wally Edwards sharing the dais with the Tamil Nadu strongman.

Kamal spoke to two Bangladeshi TV channels, Jamuna TV and 71, after Sunday’s final match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and accused the ICC of not honouring his rights. “I was supposed to give the trophy today,” Kamal said. “It is my constitutional right. But very unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to do so. My rights were dishonoured. After I go back home, I will let the whole world know what’s happening in ICC. I will let the whole world know about those guys who are doing these mischievous things.”

According to reports, Srinivasan went ahead with the presentation ceremony apparently unhappy with Kamal’s outrage against controversial umpiring decisions following India’s quarter-final victory against Bangladesh. Kamal, who is also Bangladesh’s Minister of Planning, accused the umpires of favouritism, accused India of flexing their muscles, which had led to umpiring bias. Srinivasan reportedly wasn’t one bit amused after hearing Kamal’s comments on record. While the former BCCI president didn’t say anything in public, he did express his displeasure to the board members and questioned as to how can Kamal pinpoint on one wrong umpiring decision and take it as an isolated case.

Kamal, on Sunday, reportedly didn’t sit in the ICC Hospitality Box and after talking to elite group of people in Bangladesh government (he is a union minister also), Kamal decided to leave the venue as he felt that it was an insult to his position. The ICC constitution states that head of the body will hand out the trophy but since the position of chairman has been created, there is some amount of confusion as to who is the head of the world cricket’s governing body. The president is the ceremonial head while executive powers lie with the chairman. However till 1996, the World Cup has been handed by various people and not necessarily the head of ICC. Kamal has another three months left in ICC.


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