Japanese GP: Lewis Hamilton wins wet race; Bianchi crashes

Lewis Hamilton’s victory in a dramatic Japanese GP extended his Formula One World Championship lead, but inevitably it was a day of mixed emotions after the accident involving Jules Bianchi.Hamilton took the lead from teammate Nico Rosberg on Lap 29, and subsequently pulled away.

“It’s been an interesting weekend,” said Hamilton. “Obviously a great result for the team. I think we’re all very concerned about our colleague, Bianchi. Don’t really know what to say. But again, to have the result, this has been a great weekend with the car; qualifying obviously wasn’t perfect for me but generally the car was absolutely fantastic through the race and once I was passed Nico I was able to really manage the gap and enjoy the ride. Obviously didn’t finish the way we would have hoped but really, my prayers are with him [Bianchi] and his family.”

Hamilton made a great move for the lead on Rosberg, although he played it down.

“Fairly straightforward, really. I had a lot more pace than Nico. This is not a very easy circuit to follow but fortunately I was able to get quite close and particularly in the last corner and I think perhaps he had a small oversteer moment out of the last corner and I didn’t. Obviously the DRS enabled me to get alongside.

“I was fairly confident with the balance of the car so I put it there and stuck it out. And after that it was really about trying to… you know, the whole approach changed after that because I was attacking, attacking and after that, I kind of took different lines and managed it differently. But it felt very reminiscent of a time years and years ago, of 2008, and it was a great feeling in that respect.”

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